Power system design

Industrial electrical systems

We design electrical systems that distribute power safely throughout your facilities. Some examples include selective systems, radial systems and loop systems of various voltage levels through 15kV. The type of system depends on your production goals. A well-designed electrical system, including emergency and backup generators, can expand the lifespan of your operations significantly, delivering reliable power for years to come.

Energy management for manufacturers

Whether you’re building a new facility or retrofitting current processes, we design electrical power and distribution systems that can help reduce energy consumption, improve plant efficiencies and meet sustainability goals. Our electrical power products provide energy management, control and distribution for a wide range of applications such as HVAC and lighting, ingredient mixing, packaging and emergency power.

Underground or overhead electrical distribution

Your electrical distribution system is critical to the operation of your facility. We design 5kV–69kV underground and overhead systems for hospitals, campuses and industrial complexes. Morrow Engineering provides the specialized planning required to ensure proper installation, maintenance and accessibility, as well as expert knowledge of the National Electrical Code (NEC) and the National Electric Safety Code (NESC).

Electrical substation designs

Substations are no longer exclusive to utility companies, but they still require the foremost engineering expertise. When designed correctly, substations offer lower energy costs, ensure operational continuity, and meet the growing demand for power as your industrial complex grows. We provide all equipment specifications and installation drawings for transformers, breakers, switchgears, cable routing and more.

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