Control systems design and automation

Controlling the production line helps you grow the bottom line. We specialize in automating manufacturing processes and upgrading existing control systems. Automated control systems allow you to easily track and adjust levels of production, download manufacturing recipes into machinery and establish connections between inventory and accounting software. The possibilities are virtually endless. So are the advantages.

Integrations for various systems

By automating your production process, you can achieve higher levels of control over product consistency and quality, making you more competitive in your industry. We’ve helped companies automate numerous processes.

  • Grinding and processing
  • Solid, liquid and dry goods ingredient control
  • Drying and cooling processes
  • Continuous flow processing
  • Batch processing
  • Automated mixing and weighing
  • Dust collection
  • Conveyance controls
  • Receiving and packaging

Drawings, diagrams and manuals

We create and manage a variety of control system documentation that specifies performance standards for each integrated system.

  • Operational manuals
  • Bill of materials for building control systems
  • Construction drawings
  • Control system I/O lists
  • Control logic diagrams for each piece of equipment
  • Instrument and control device specifications

Installation and commissioning

Every part of your control system contributes to the overall success of your building’s operations. We provide on-site support to ensure that system components are integrated correctly. After installation is complete, we commission your equipment to verify that all control systems are properly installed, tested and able to operate just as they were designed to — safely, responsively and reliably.

Control system training

Although we design control systems for ease of use, our simulation programs help prepare your operators for real-world situations. We also provide training in person. With Morrow engineers on-site, your team can learn how to sustain and maintain operations from the very experts who designed the systems.

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