Industrial Systems

Precision Power

Morrow Engineering recognizes that industrial electrical systems have varied requirements. However, every system must be engineered to be safe, reliable, maintainable and simple. Our experience allows us to match different electrical
system designs to your unique requirements. Electrical systems might include: primary selective, secondary selective, radial systems or loop systems.

Electrical systems are only as good as the specification and application of the equipment. Morrow Engineering has designed industrial electrical systems of various voltage levels through 15kV.

  • Unit substation and padmount transformers
  • Switchgear
  • Motor starters and motor control centers
  • Switchboards and panelboards
  • Cable and conduit, busduct, and cable tray distribution
If your facility requires automated control systems, our power and control
engineers can integrate the systems, resulting in reduced installation costs, quicker system checkouts and easier trouble-shooting. For more information, visit our Control Engineering section.

We also provide engineering for:

  • Lighting
  • Grounding
  • Clean power
  • Emergency and standby electrical generation
  • Arresters and surge suppression
  • Power factor correction capacitors
  • Power monitoring
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