Electrical Distribution

Distribution—Underground or Overhead

Your electrical distribution system is critical to the operation of your facility. Morrow Engineering has the experience, knowledge and expertise to engineer 5kV through 69kV voltage level distribution systems. Our experience includes underground and overhead systems for industrial and campus type facilities. Underground systems require specialized planning to ensure proper installation, maintenance and accessibility.

  • Ductbank routing and configuration, manholes and cable support systems must be designed to protect cable during and after installation
  • Cable ampacity is determined by ductbank arrangements, depth and conduit spacing
  • Cable pulling and sidewall pressure calculations determine ductbank routing and manhole placements
  • Project environment dictates cable specifications

Overhead electrical distribution systems provide owners with economical alternatives to underground distribution. Special knowledge is required for designing under the National Electric Safety Code (NESC). Morrow Engineering has experience with a variety of overhead designs, including:

  • Unique requirements at substations and switching equipment
  • Calculating wind and ice loading forces and tensions on overhead wires and equipment which complies with NESC
  • Determining line and equipment clearances governed by the NESC
  • Vertical and horizontal construction with underlays
  • Steel corner and switch poles
  • Special-purpose poles such as dip poles and equipment poles
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