Electrical Engineering

Commitment to Results

Since you are here, we assume you are looking for an electrical engineering company that produces results. Maybe you have a new plant in mind, an expansion to your existing facility, or maybe your existing electrical system has problems. Whatever the reason, you are looking for an engineering firm that designs flexible, expandable, safe, and maintainable electrical systems. An engineering firm that sits on your side of the table, understands your unique needs and has the experience to ensure your project’s success.

This section is an introduction to how we approach an electrical power engineering project. We recognize that every project’s success depends upon the completion of key items. Therefore, Morrow Engineering is committed to:

  • A detailed analysis of work to define the project requirements
  • Development and tracking of the project schedule
  • Project management
  • Adherence to the project’s budget
  • Providing engineering calculations for compliance with engineering codes, laws and safe practice procedures

Other Engineering Services

Because your project may vary in scope, we also offer the following engineering services:

  • Preparation of details, drawings, specifications and contract documents for a complete and accurate installation
  • Verification and documentation of existing systems as benchmarks for expansions
  • Load studies for efficient use of equipment and future growth
  • Analysis of available fault current for personnel safety and continuous operation
  • Overcurrent coordination studies, analysis and settings for minimal outage and interruptions
  • Coordination with local utility companies
  • Arc flash hazard for personnel protection
  • Construction management to organize construction success
  • Field observation to verify compliance with contract documents
Go to the Industrial Systems page if your project requires engineering to design the electrical system or distribute electrical power within your industrial facility.

If you’re in need of a campus, municipal or industrial distribution system, either underground or overhead, see our Distribution page.

We provide engineering and design for utility type substations. See our Substations page.

If you have a project you’d like to discuss, Contact Us.

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