Control System Design

Designed for Success

Structured methodology continues into the design process for control system integration. A thorough understanding of project objectives assures that the control system is safe and responsive, consistent and flexible, functional and expandable. Each item contributes to the overall success of control system integration and is vital to meeting the expected system performance.

As in a typical Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Morrow Engineering can provide the following:

  • Piping and instrument diagrams (P&IDs) to define and document
  • Control flow diagrams
  • Instrument and control device specifications
  • Technical design specification manual for an operation overview
  • Control system configuration (hardware and equipment)
  • Control system I/O lists
  • Construction drawings and bill of materials for PC, PLC, I/O, and control panels
  • In-house fabrication of control panels
  • Instrumentation power and control wiring engineering and design
  • Control logic diagrams for each piece of equipment
  • Control system emergency stop system
  • Programming design and development including PLC control logic, HMI development and MES applications
  • Simulation development to mimic actual process equipment and to use as a training tool
  • Installation of the PC/PLC equipment and control programs
  • Develop user and operator manuals to document operation of control system
  • System installation, operational, process qualification and commissioning
  • Training of operators, maintenance, and engineering personnel in technical aspects
  • On-site for after commissioning support
  • “For Record” documentation
  • Remote 24-hour system support
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