Control Engineering

Taking Control

Do you have an application that needs to be automated or an existing control system that is not in control? Then you’ve come to the right place. Morrow Engineering specializes in control system integration, design and implementation.

For new applications, processes or existing integrated systems that require expansions or upgrades, you will find your Morrow Engineering design to be reliable, flexible, expandable, safe and easily maintained. Our difference lies in the recognition that your control system will not be complete until successfully integrated with your facility’s electrical system. Our control and power engineers are experts at efficiently interfacing the two systems. For more information, visit our Industrial Systems page.

Our Approach

There are specific concepts that, when consistently applied, yield successful projects. Our control system integrators and engineers are committed to the implementation of these concepts.

  • Creating a structured methodology for effective project development
  • Establishing a functional definition to identify the project’s objectives, deliverables and constraints
  • Identifying and organizing important milestones to continuously monitor the project schedule
  • Implementing within the project’s budget
  • Simulating normal and abnormal control situations to validate hardware and software integration Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)
  • Providing process qualification, validation, and system commissioning services

What We Can Do

Because your application may differ in objectives, your specific requirements may vary. Depending on those requirements, we offer the following:

  • Complete interface of the control system integration design with plant electrical distribution system
  • Layout, fabricating and testing of the control panels to ensure seamless integration
  • Preparation of technical design specifications to provide general system performance standards for the entire facility and specific, executional documentation for each integrated system
  • HMI, PLC and PC programming and integration experience
  • Interface with business information systems to collect, evaluate and exchange data for MES integration
  • Specification development, detailed installation drawings and contract documents required for accurate bid packages.
  • Construction management services for on-site control of construction progress and to verify compliance with contract documents

More Detail

Our Control System Design Services page presents our systematic method which assures that the control system is efficient, responsive, functional and consistent. Project development, programming, factory acceptance tests, control panel fabrication, and system commissioning—Morrow Engineering has the experience and expertise.

Control System Design

Automated Systems vary in specifics, but they do have similarities. Each integrated control system collects, evaluates, applies, manages and exchanges data to and from multiple sources for multiple applications. Morrow Engineering’s experience ranges from small single PLC systems to multiple lines, and multiple systems at multiple plants.

Automated Control Systems

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